When I started writing the book…

The summer of 2008, I went to stay ten days in my girlfriend’s 122-year old cabin in a Mennonite camp.  The place was deserted.  When I crossed the threshold, I said, “I need a cabin.”  The first five days were peaceful, yet uneventful.  With five days to go, something clicked in me and my story just poured out of me like water.  I could not type fast enough.  I am not a typist.  My forearms were tingling and then stinging from the strain of writing so much so fast.  Five in the morning came regularly as I typed and said, “Lynnie, you really need to go to sleep!”  But I wasn’t tired.  I typed all night, each night, and finally made myself sleep when daylight came.  Then I was up and at it again.  In five days I had the first 89 pages, which barely changed in the editing process.  I’d begun this story many times, but never had quite the right voice.  When this one came, I knew I could see it through all the way to the end.  “I need a cabin” became hunting for a cabin.  I was on the phone with the bank.  My friend Mark suggested a house boat.  “Hmmmm… a houseboat?  When I was a kid only rich people had houseboats!”  I set about to find one and three months later, I brought up “Lynnie’s Vessel” to dock in my lake.  It’s an awesome writing cabin… I call it my doll house… an RV on pontoons!

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