Two Voices… Two Choices…

I really believe…for every single situation that happens in life, we have two voices and two choices.  There is a negative way to look at it and a positive way.  It is a choice.  Every single minute of the day, that choice is there.  I ha…ve found the best way to make that choice is to not let the negative thought come out of my mouth.  If I keep it in my head, I can change it in my mind.  But once it is out of my mouth, it somehow becomes a part of me.  If I change it in my mind before it comes out, it does not become a part of who I am.  It is that simple choice that re-creates my life on a daily basis.
One thing I came to believe a long time ago is that God wants me to be happy every single moment.  Negative thoughts do not make me happy.  I know it is the wrong way to go.  It is definitely the wrong thing to say.

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