“The most honest book I’ve ever read.”

My favorite quote received about my book, To Soften the Blow, came from Laurie Redfern, a librarian. It meant a lot coming from someone who had read hundereds of books, but more importantly, because that is exactly what I intended to do: be honest.  I wanted to give a complete picture of a person struggling with posttraumatic stress – the good, bad, and the ugly.

When I got to places in my story where I became afraid to tell the whole truth, I realized in that moment I would be crossing over into writing fiction.  That was unacceptable.  Shame is a very powerful emotion and disclosing its roots can heal others.  This I knew.  So I took a deep breath, held the hand of an invisible force, squeezed tightly, and typed away. People ask me how I could have exposed myself so fully.  My reply is: if a book like this was available when I was younger, I think my suffering would have been much less.

I am proud to have walked through so much shame.

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