The Louisville Courier Journal, my hometown newspaper

I woke up this morning to a message from Mr. Huggins telling me the Post story was on the front page of the Forum section in the Louisville Courier Journal.  Pretty cool.

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  1. Joe McGee Reply

    Lynnie, the story of your family is important to be heard. As a Louisvillian from same generation (b1954) abuse was just not talked about by anyone and we all knew of mean parents of our childhood friends. Thank you and your siblings and mother for having the strength to help others who might find themseves trapped in abuse.

  2. gotheart Reply

    The CJ is my hometown newspaper too!
    I live in San Diego at the moment.

    Thank you for writing your story of heartache.
    I am in the process of writing mine, so your ability to do so spoke to me to keep going!

    I was so intrigued by your book cover.
    The black and white of it, the tree being blown in the storm.
    In order to function forward because of my abuse as a child I have been so emotionally black and white! This emotional stance has caused me to have no friends, I have no friends. I thought I was a recluse but my therapist told me I just needed to rest in many ways. I found a safe place, however I needed to start reaching out. It is dangerous for older people to be alone and not to have a support system. I am 62.

    It WAS difficult for me to read your story. I faced my pain, I want to get through it. You have already helped me. Thanks so much.

    I really like how you addressed the “gun control” voices.I thank you for that.


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