Thanks for coming out yesterday…

Years ago I went out to speak about the topic of PTSD in kids… all the time.  I spent days and hours planning, organizing, and meditating on what I’d say.  I dressed sharply and went out the door… with lots of nervous energy… just enough to make sure I did a good job.

Something has changed now.  Years have passed.  It looks like I will go out and speak on this topic again, but it will be different.  Writing To Soften the Blow seems to have stripped me of any kind of embarrassment or humiliation I could suffer in public anymore.  I can’t imagine myself in anything more than blue jeans, sitting in cirlces with people talking about the book’s topics.  I feel so relaxed and happy.

I think Gandhi said a quote… to paraphrase… when a person’s thoughts, words, and actions align, a person feels true happiness.  However difficult this book was to write, I feel free now.  Pretty cool….

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