To Soften the Blow is available in print!

It’s here!  The book arrived in print last week on my birthday, and what a present it was! I’ve been hesitant to post about it because I wanted to make sure all parts were working.  Looks like it is all up and ready now.  The eCommerce shopping page was completed yesterday.  Yippee!  You can reach … Continued

Prototype is in!

Just got the prototype of To Soften the Blow.  It is beautiful.  The book is 7 X 10 inches and the font is 11.75, so it is very easy to read.  That was the biggest deal to me.  The first thing I look for when I pick up a book is the font size, to … Continued

Working Hard

I’m spending all of my time now preparing for the printed book.  I’ve recently gotten a merchant account and a Virginia sales tax account.  I am having an ecommerce page added to my web site for folks to buy the printed copy with a credit card.  I’m getting bids on who is taking To Soften … Continued