Prototype is in!

Just got the prototype of To Soften the Blow.  It is beautiful.  The book is 7 X 10 inches and the font is 11.75, so it is very easy to read.  That was the biggest deal to me.  The first thing I look for when I pick up a book is the font size, to … Continued

Designing the interior of the book

The manuscipt for To Soften the Blow has been sent to the designer.  The first drafts look beautiful.  When it is all approved, it will be time to send to the printer.  More meetings with printers this week.  Thank you for reading my book.  If you’ve read it, will you please review it?  I love … Continued

Working Hard

I’m spending all of my time now preparing for the printed book.  I’ve recently gotten a merchant account and a Virginia sales tax account.  I am having an ecommerce page added to my web site for folks to buy the printed copy with a credit card.  I’m getting bids on who is taking To Soften … Continued