“Lynnie Vessels was born to write this book. Her story is destined to help millions of people unlock the potential of their own dreams. She is the first author I have found who takes her reader, step by step, through the courageous, often messy, sometimes harrowing journey of recovery. She shows the reader precisely the level of bravery and dedication required to coax oneself from the darkness to light. To Soften the Blow is a roadmap through PTSD. It is a bestseller. It is a movie. It is true.” — Cate K., Writer

“This book is for everyone. I learned something on every page.” — Mark M., Security Officer

“Riveting! Authentic! A compelling true story of triumph, displaying the resilience of the human spirit. Natural voice shines!” — Becky J., Teacher

“Lynnie’s magical way of unfolding events in her story has inspired me personally and has helped my family better understand and cope with our daughter’s traumatic experience. Reading her story was just a joy with all of its meanings; I had to read it twice to learn how to express my feelings, to get closer to her crystal mind and to explore my inner power that she really enjoys naturally.” — Hanaa S., Homemaker

“This book is a primer on how to deal with posttraumatic stress. It takes many unexpected turns and reads like a good mystery. It will open your eyes to mental health issues and help you appreciate your own family. If Lynnie’s story wasn’t true, it would be unbelievable.” — Steve M., Science teacher, 38 years

“You cannot read To Soften the Blow and not be moved, and changed, by Lynnie’s experience. Its honesty, pain, and power are unforgettable.” — Martin P., Writer

“I was hooked on this book from the first few pages – right until the end!” — Rachel L., Administrative Assistant

“The most honest book I have ever read. Lynnie’s words will capture your heart and stay with you forever.” — Laurie R., Librarian

“This is an inspiring, heartfelt, and powerful story. It will ring a bell, touch a nerve. In her struggle to overcome trauma, the author learns to live a happy, authentic life and will teach, mentor, and inspire countless students and educators – and make a significant difference in their lives.” — Mary S., School administrator, 18 years

“I can’t imagine anyone reading this book and not being glued!! The writer has a very unique style and she is very in tune with what she has gone through. She has a natural way of explaining the impact of trauma on her… it’s just the way she puts it! I am truly impressed.” — Dahna C., Hairdresser

“This is a very good depiction of PTSD from a civilian’s point of view. Anytime someone has gone through something as violent as this and has dealt with it, it will help soldiers and their families understand the problem of PTSD better.” — Bob F., US Marine and Retired Firefighter of 28 years

“This book is the gripping story of the triumph of words over violence, a true inspiration.” — Debbie S., Librarian

To Soften the Blow is a modern day tragedy of a woman’s journey trying to make sense of her violent beginnings… her struggles and triumphs to overcome her anger and become a woman of character and substance. This book keeps the reader fascinated with her strength of character and her ability to forgive. Enriching.” — Anne F., Teacher

To Soften the Blow is a true story that can change your life. Humans have always suffered, but rarely have we healed, at least not completely. As a seven year old, Lynnie Vessels lived through trauma more horrific than most of us have experienced in our worst nightmares. When her father shot her mother in their home, she was plunged overnight from a life of abuse into the private horror of living with severe posttraumatic stress. She had no one to help her heal. Lynnie cried for help the only way she knew how – by becoming a behavior problem. It was years before a principal finally took her aside, and turned her life around in twenty minutes. Her story, To Soften the Blow, can mark a turning point for you. Whether you have suffered a trauma, or merely feel occasionally overwhelmed by the stresses of modern life; man or woman, there is healing here for you. Many people have shared stories of triumph over adversity, but few, if any, have laid themselves completely bare. Ms. Vessels fully exposes her very personal journey, so that others may find their own way. Hers is not a dark journey; it’s a journey of inspiration. She found grace and miracles in the midst of horror, especially in the transformative, almost magical power, of eye contact and words. In To Soften the Blow, you will find the author’s fascinating roadmap to healing. May it be a beacon to your own.” — Catherine Kent