Prototype is in!

Just got the prototype of To Soften the Blow.  It is beautiful.  The book is 7 X 10 inches and the font is 11.75, so it is very easy to read.  That was the biggest deal to me.  The first thing I look for when I pick up a book is the font size, to make sure my eyes won’t go crossed when I’m reading.  I’m so happy with the look of it.  Brandi Phipps designed the inside and the back cover.  I had no idea what a meticulous job one had to do in order to get a book all the way to print.

The computer folks are working on the eCommerce page, and all of it should come together next week.  I’ll start a media blitz after that.  Thank you to all of you for your support!

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  1. Jodi Reply

    I’m so glad that we met (over the phone) and I had the opportunity share your anticipation for your book. It just the portions that I have read this week I’m thoroughly moved. You have come out of such a horrific, unimaginable ordeal to be a super sweet woman that still shares her beautiful smile with everyone!! AMAZING!!

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