Not quite for twelve-year olds…

The audience for my book is late teenagers to 100 years old and beyond.  But…….  I happen to teach very curious twelve-year olds.  I will not be able to keep you away from reading my book, but I ask one or two things from you: make sure you let your parents know you are reading it.  And process it with your parents; talk it out with them. It can be a kind of weird feeling to read about such a horrible thing happening to someone who stands before you each day and teaches you.  Although my book is not written for young students, I would have given the world to have read something like this at age ten.  Days after publication, a student walked in to tell me he had witnessed his grandfather stab and kill his grandmother.  His grandmother looked at him and said goodbye as she died.  He sees her eyes in his mind every day, he told me as he cried.  I was proud to know he could just walk right in and tell me something he may not have told anyone before.  In his case, twelve may not be too young to read my book.

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