New School Year…

It’s Friday afternonn and I’ve just completed my fifth week of a new school year. It has been a lovely start. Still in August, I was worried I might not be able to get myself geared up and ready, but I did several things to get myself in a better frame of mind. First, I wrote an essay in mid-August about my feelings about the de-humanization of teaching and sent it to The Washington Post. They did not print it (yet), but I felt a whole heck of a lot better expressing myself. That helped. Then I went to NYC to spend six days with my wonderful sister. We saw five Braodway shows. Lastly, I did the three-day (13 hours a day) Landmark Forum course AGAIN. Those three things prepared me to come in with a wonderfully positve attitude. Thank you, personal growth. These little people deserve a loving teacher.

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