My Documentary Needs a Title

I shot a documentary this summer and it is being edited now. I’m not sure how it will turn out. It seemed like everything I shot just took one take. I’d say to the camera man, “Was that okay?” and he’d say, “Perfect” and we moved on.

The documentary is about my purging the anger and rage I carried from the shooting – 20 years later, 1986-90. I used the butcher paper that I described in To Soften the Blow. When I’d pulled out my first piece of purging and asked my group to help me destroy it, one woman said, “This should be under glass.” There is no museum to display a person’s anger, however a lot of art work might be called that. Mine are reams of paper with very gross and disgusting words on them… all of my cursing and screaming and wailing at acts of abuse I experienced or witnessed. It was the way I got to the other side of my rage. It worked for me because each time, without fail, when I had exhausted myself, I heard a still sweet voice tell me I was the very opposite of everything I’d just purged. It is that voice I trained myself to follow.

Any suggestions on a title?

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