Mr. Huggins… the farmer

Anyone who has read To Soften the Blow knows Jim Huggins is a big part of my life.  He called me today to tell me his is still reading my book.  His wife Phyllis has finished it and they are going to tell all of their kids to download it.  They wanted me to know they are proud of me.  How awesome that feels.  There was a very, very long period of writing the book where no one knew anything about it.  During that time, I tried to imagine what it would feel like for Mr. Huggins to see, in print, how much he helped me.  Now he has.  It feels wonderful!

Update:  Mr. Huggins just texted me to say: Lynnie, just finished your book.  Absolutely brilliant.  Must read for all educators.  You are a gifted and talented writer.  Jim Huggins

Feels wonderful times ten!

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