Motivational Speaking

Lynnie Vessels, Inspirational Speaker

and author of To Soften the Blow

Lynnie Vessels is a natural born storyteller, mesmerizing audiences with her emotional intelligence.  She will have your group sitting on the edge of their seats, intermittently howling with laughter, and crying tears of joy and reflection.


Lynnie Vessels has the skills to take you to a place in yourself that you never knew… yet always knew.  Her unique perspective will have you changing your mind about how you live your life on a daily basis.  Her team-building and stress management strategies are the best medicine… for any group!

While Lynnie Vessels speaks, you will be inspired to treat everyone you know a little better, to think more carefully about the people you love… and especially about the people you have a difficult time loving.

Ms. Vessels will tailor her presentation to all groups —

  • Educators
  • Parents
  • Teens
  • Veterans
  • Business organizations
  • Literary events
  • Book clubs
  • Church organizations
  • Your own private gathering of friends

Ask her to speak at your event!  You will get an immediate response by writing to Ms. Vessels at

Quotes from audience members:

“Lynnie, I have to be honest that you absolutely blew me away last night.  Your story moved me immensely, and I have not stopped talking about you all day today.  I have to have you come speak to my teachers.”

Yusef Azimi, Assistant Principal, Madison High School, FCPS

“I was mesmerized by your story and your presence.  When you paused I knew you were going to say something important to all gathered.  I did not realize until later that I physically held my breath waiting for your next words.  Thank you for an inspiring evening.  It will stay with me always.”

Ann Voss, Head Librarian, Fairfax High School, FCPS 

“Listening to you share your journey truly changed the way I handle student discipline… especially with the ‘frequent flyers.’  I decided to speak with one student who had been being disrespectful to his teacher… I tried your suggestion… I was absolutely amazed…  His teacher told me she hasn’t had any concerns with him since he visited my office.”

Michelle Eugene, Principal, Shrevewood ES

“Lynnie’s powerful presentation reminded me of the importance of sustained eye contact and concentrated focus, even if just for a few moments.  We may be the only person in a child’s life who is ‘seeing’ them, and even the briefest of interactions can make a huge impact.”

Mary (Cissy) Saulsgiver, Librarian, Springfield Estates ES

“Your talk was mesmerizing; I found the part about the silence to be most moving.”

Virginia Morton, Librarian, Edison High School

“Listening to Lynnie truly makes you pause and reflect on the interactions you’ve had with people all day long and wonder…would it have been different if I had actually done any of her strategies?”

Maureen Marshall, Ed.D., Principal, Garfield ES

“I was transfixed while listening to Lynnie…  I felt as though she spoke from a place deep in her soul… the redemptive power of love that Lynnie shows in her persona… amazing!”

Carol Wright, English Teacher, Robinson Secondary School, Teen Read Week