It’s time to hire a publicist!

It is time to hire a publicist for To Soften the Blow. These are the current highlights as of September 14, 2013:

• Web site:
• Available in print and electronically on Kindle at Amazon:
• Available in print and electronically on Nook at Barnes and Noble:
• Available in print on Lynnie’s web site:
• See Press Release:
• The story in To Soften the Blow was the topic of the COVER story for the Sunday, March 3, Washington Post Magazine.
• To Soften the Blow has over 120 five-star reviews on Amazon Kindle:

• In the fall of 2013, Lynnie Vessels will be narrating an audio version of To Soften the Blow for Cherry Hill Publishing, Pomona, CA.
• Lynnie Vessels speaking on the “Joe Elliott Show,” March 26, 2013, WGTK 970 AM, Louisville Intelligent Talk Radio:
• Pathways Magazine Review on pages 51-53:
• Valor Dictus book review:
• Advertisement: “If you liked The Glass Castle and Eat, Pray, Love, you will LOVE To Soften the Blow.”
• Robinson graduate Cathie Kinsley has been publicizing To Soften the Blow on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter and trolling websites and blogs regularly to promote book.
• Riley Mahan has created a video channel that now has seven LV videos: a commercial, Oprah, Robinson Spring Sale and Fall Marketplace, Senior Photography Project – Background of TSTBlow, Sandbridge Book Club, and LV on Louisville’s WHAS News.
• To Soften the Blow is “available” in print in bookstores worldwide through Judybird Publishing as vendor for Baker and Taylor.
• Barnes Noble stocks TSTBlow on its shelves nationwide.
• Inspirational speaker who has taught graduate courses and staff development training sessions to educators, Lynnie is preparing to do a TEDx talk.
• When a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the executive producer, Ellen Rakieten said to Lynnie, “I want you to pester me and pester me and pester me until I have you back on this show.”
• Rick Hamlin, executive editor of Guideposts Magazine, has contacted Lynnie about printing the chapter “In the Glow of the Campfire” in an upcoming edition.
• Barbara Van Dahlen, founder of Give-an-Hour organization, is reviewing To Soften the Blow to use with the “new generation” of counselors she is training to work with veterans.
• T-shirts reading “My teacher (or friend) wrote a book” with the cover on the back are being worn by fans.
• Book clubs are currently reading To Soften the Blow.
• Marketing plan available
• Louisville book signings May and July 2013.
• Sandbridge Virginia Beach book club June 20, 2013 VA
• Robinson Marketplace and yard sales in spring and fall
• Principals and Librarians FCPS Dinner, December 13, 2012
• Teen Read Week October 4/5, 2012
• On shelves at Health Advantage Yoga Studio
• Currently editing documentary on subject of book: purging anger
• Next: approach radio talk shows with Diane Rehm and Terry Gross (letters and book already sent), Book Reviews, Oprah’s Book Club

“My goal is to get this book into the hands of every educator possible.”
Lynnie Vessels, Author of To Soften the Blow

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