I can’t afford that luxury…

Remember the book “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought”?  I cannot afford the luxury of reading harsh or angry blog posts below the WP article. So, I wrote this on the Washington Post Blog today:


“I am Lynnie Vessels, author of To Soften the Blow, and the fifth child in the Vessels family.  I spoke with Mary in Australia last night and we have agreed that these blog posts are very difficult to read.  Many are harsh and geared toward gun control.  My book is not about that, and we are not about that.  I wrote my book because I found my way out of a living hell – living with untreated posttraumatic stress.  My father could have maimed my mother with anything, including his bare hands.  Never once in my book do I talk about guns.  Neely Tucker does not talk about it in this article, either.  I first spoke with Mr. Tucker about his writing this article last August.   My whole life has been dedicated to softening the blow that was dealt my family.  It was that or die a spiritual death.  If you would like to blog with me about healing the tremendous anger that is a product of family violence, I will be happy to from my site at www.lynnievessels.com, but not here.  Each one of us is susceptible to depression in the face of a loss.  If I have wanted to be anything in life it is to be well, mentally well.  It has taken work. “Mental illness is the result of unresolved grief.”  Unknown.  Thank you for reading the above article about my family.  I am very proud of my Mom and siblings for exposing themselves so fully.  They participated in these interviews because I asked them to.  If you would please blog about the effects of trauma and the prevention of mental illness, I would be grateful.  Our little Judy did not make it and that is the real story here.”


I hope I get some takers.  Lynnie


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  1. Thea Warner Reply

    I believe that the comment that your experience has little to do with guns and everything to do with mental illness is spot on. I think that the title of the article, where it was published and the fact that it was published only a few months after the Newtown tragedy all have a great deal to do with the comments you are receiving.

    I read your article in the Post Magazine after one of my sisters told me about it. As I told her, I found your experience both terrible and amazing – I don’t know how else to describe my reactions. Thank you so much for sharing your story – I see this as a gift that you have given to so many.

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