Welcome to my Blog!

Today my book, To Soften the Blow, was published on eReaders.  Yippee!

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  1. Durindia (Renny) Summers Reply

    Congratulations to you in many many ways Linnie. May God bless u and comfort for ever & ever- AMEN

  2. Vickie Goodall Reply

    Hi Lynnie, Congratulations! I’m over half way through your book and it is so powerful, emotionally. It is a story that needed to be written and it certainly needs to be read. Best wishes.

  3. Becky and Co. Reply

    Congratulations on your dream come true! We are all so proud and happy for you.

    • Lynnie Reply

      Thank you, Becky. I love you! Couldn’t have done this without you! (I would have been hungry and dirty! Ha!)

  4. kathy alexander Reply

    you are one spectacular lady. i will always treasure you from grade school to eternity. you have been true to me and a dear dear friend. keep in touch. loved reading the introduction of the book. i plan on getting it unless you mail me a copy. LOL love you kathy dufton alexander

    • Lynnie Reply

      Ah, Kathy! Thank you. I don’t have hard copies yet. It’s just on eReaders for now…. I will always love you… can’t wait to hear what you think!

  5. Karen L. Monteith Reply

    Congratulations on finishing your book! I am sorry to hear that you had to endure such sadness and trauma in your childhood. Thank goodness you had the healing power of writing to see you through. Your dogfriend is so cute, and I hope to meet both of you some day. I am Mike Klare’s Karen Lee who lives in Austin. klm

    • Lynnie Reply

      Oh, Karen! It’s wonderful to hear from you! Thank you so much for reading my book! Yes, I hope we meet someday! I’m just next door!

  6. Maryrose (Liggett) Pope Reply

    You go girl!! I loved the book and I’m so proud of you for writing it!! Your story is one that impacted, and continues to impact, so many people. I believe my mom would have appreciated it as well.

    • Lynnie Reply

      Maryrose! I can’t believe you read it so fast! Thanks so much. Wow, your mom was such a big part of my life, our lives, my mom’s life. They loved each other so much. I’m thrilled you read the story that you were part of, too. Love, Lynnie

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