Giving a complete picture

People ask me how I can expose myself so fully in my book.  I just say, when I began to question whether or not I should or shouldn’t say something, I realized if I didn’t, that would be the moment I’d be crossing over into writing fiction.  I wanted to give a complete picture of a person struggling with PTSD – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I held the hand of a very strong force as I wrote each word.  When I had to make certain decisions, I just squeezed harder.  If I’d had a book like this to read when I was younger, it would have helped me a great deal.  I imagined twenty year olds reading this… the age I was when I began my hard work.  But I’m amazed at how many young people, tweens and teens, are reading it now.  That is a happy surprise.  Lynnie

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