Chapter 3 – “Beforehand”

Beforehand… It would take years to piece it all together, but fitting together the puzzle pieces of my life became something I was driven to do. For the next ten years, I had no memory of my life before I stepped out of the bathtub on the night of “the shooting,” as it was referred … Continued

Introduction of To Soften the Blow

I have decided to begin blogging the chapters to To Soften the Blow. Here, it begins… Even though I did not hear the gun go off that night, everything I’ve done since has been to soften its blow. Introduction On the evening of January 20, 1967, my father shot my mother with a twelve-gauge shotgun … Continued

New School Year…

It’s Friday afternonn and I’ve just completed my fifth week of a new school year. It has been a lovely start. Still in August, I was worried I might not be able to get myself geared up and ready, but I did several things to get myself in a better frame of mind. First, I … Continued

It’s time to hire a publicist!

It is time to hire a publicist for To Soften the Blow. These are the current highlights as of September 14, 2013: • Web site: • Available in print and electronically on Kindle at Amazon: • Available in print and electronically on Nook at Barnes and Noble: • Available in print on … Continued

My Documentary Needs a Title

I shot a documentary this summer and it is being edited now. I’m not sure how it will turn out. It seemed like everything I shot just took one take. I’d say to the camera man, “Was that okay?” and he’d say, “Perfect” and we moved on. The documentary is about my purging the anger … Continued

Ready to blog again…

I may be ready to blog again. I’m in the groove now with being the administrator of my brother’s estate. It’s quite a job. And it is summer now and I have some time. I have been saying – having a sibling die is like an atomic bomb going off in your life. Really a … Continued