Little to do with guns, everything to do with mental illness

Cover of Washington Post Magazine, March 3, 2013

Hi, everyone, The Washington Post article came out in print today.  Here is the link below.  Before you read, I’d like to say two things.  First of all, the article is about my family’s story and not about my book.  That will come later in book reviews.  Secondly, although the article has “gun violence” in its title, the article is not about that.  My father could have maimed my mother with any object, including his bare hands.  I believe the way a person handles his own anger is the truest indication to his mental health.  It does not matter what weapon is used when someone flies off their “handle” on reality.  Please read this in the spirit of recognizing the horrible demons that are passed on to us psychically and the hard work it takes to heal each and every negative thought we have.  That is what To Soften the Blow is about… and what I care about is how to heal the lingering aftermath of anyone’s anger.

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