Monthly Archives: March 2013

Whew! Wrapping up gigs here in Louisville

It’s been a big week in Louisville.  Party Saturday, signing and selling Sunday, on WHAS news that night, radio show Tuesday, 3-hour news taping on Wednesday, and book talk tonight, Friday.  Time to drive home tomorrow.  First, I’ll pick up Okie and have Easter dinner (one day early) with my brother Kris and his gal, Lisa. And … Continued

Word of mouth…

I heard an author talking about her book today, saying it was a group of women in New England who passed her book around to one another and eventually made it a bestseller, when her eight novels before had not experienced success.  I hope you will spread the word about To Soften the Blow.  I want to … Continued

Teaching lessons with Gandhi

Now that my students know my story, which of course could not be helped by the publishing of my book and news articles, it is quite a different experience teaching the value of non-violence.  When I get to certain parts of the story of Gandhi’s life, I can feel the kids are listening in a whole … Continued

The topic is mental health, not guns…

I noticed when The Washington Post article appeared online many people locked onto the fact that the article was about guns.  It was not.  I (or the author of the article had) have very little to say about the gun laws in our society.  I do have a lot to say about mental illness, and … Continued

Handling Anger

I have come to believe the way a person handles his/her anger, is a good indication of that person’s mental health.  There are those who won’t swat a fly, there are those who massacre a large group of people.  Most of us are in between.  It is my belief that what separates those who can handle … Continued