Monthly Archives: December 2011

Going to paperback

My plan all along had been to spend my winter break getting my ducks in a row to publish in hard/paperback.  Just a few days before the break, I had an investor kick in $10,000 to take To Soften the Blow to paper.  Pretty darn cool.  I’m reading web sites, meeting with my friend/agent, my … Continued

Mr. Huggins… the farmer

Anyone who has read To Soften the Blow knows Jim Huggins is a big part of my life.  He called me today to tell me his is still reading my book.  His wife Phyllis has finished it and they are going to tell all of their kids to download it.  They wanted me to know … Continued

People ask me…

People ask me how I can expose so much of myself in To Soften the Blow.  My response is I wish more people did the same thing.  If I’d had a book like this to read when I was growing up, I think it would have had a huge impact on me.  I think it … Continued

Thank you for contacting me…

Thanks to all of you who are contacting me on facebook at Lynnie Vessels – Book.  It’s wonderful to hear from everyone.  And thank you for reviewing my book on Kindle and Nook.  It’s awesome to read your responses!

Thanks for coming out yesterday…

Years ago I went out to speak about the topic of PTSD in kids… all the time.  I spent days and hours planning, organizing, and meditating on what I’d say.  I dressed sharply and went out the door… with lots of nervous energy… just enough to make sure I did a good job. Something has … Continued