To Soften the Blow

To Soften the Blow is a true story that can change your life. Humans have always suffered, but rarely have we healed, at least not completely. As a seven year old, Lynnie Vessels lived through trauma more horrific than most of us have experienced in our worst nightmares. When her father shot her mother in their home, she was plunged overnight from a life of abuse into the private horror of living with severe posttraumatic stress. Many people have shared stories of triumph over adversities, but few, if any, have laid themselves completely bare. Ms. Vessels fully exposes her very personal journey, so that others may find their own way. Hers is not a dark journey; it’s a journey of inspiration. She found grace and miracles in the midst of horror. In To Soften the Blow, you will find the author’s fascinating roadmap to healing. May it be a beacon to your own. Watch Lynnie Vessels here.

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